Winter Effects on Cars

Snow is falling, windows are icy, and we hardly ever see the sun. There's no doubt about it: it's cold. Winter is here in full force, and you aren't the only one feeling it. Winter temperatures also affect your Subaru. The best time to make sure your Subaru is ready for the winter is in late autumn. However, there's no time like the present, and if you still haven't started your winter preparation, we at Granite Subaru can help you out.

Rubber hardens up in the cold, and tires that work well in the summer can give you a hard time in the winter. Winter tires are specially designed to take advantage of colder climates; they're made of a softer rubber compound, which hardens up in the cold to give a perfect grip. Cold can also adversely affect your battery, reducing its power capacity and maybe even causing it to die entirely. Cold can even affect your car's oil; while your engine's oil won't freeze, it will become thicker and more viscous.

If your Subaru isn't properly prepared for the cold weather, don't delay; take a quick trip to our service center. We'll get your Subaru winter-ready in our service center, and we'll even help you save money with our Subaru service specials. Stop on by today, right here in Hudson, NH, to see just how we can help you out.

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