If you would like to schedule same day valet service, please call the 
Service Department directly at (603) 589-2610
Pick up times are an approximate time.  You will be contacted via phone call between 7am-9am to confirm your pick up time.  Please call us directly for requests outside these parameters

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Schedule Your Subaru Service at Granite Subaru!

Whether you're looking to get ahead of the next routine maintenance appointment for your Subaru, or an unexpected problem has caught your attention, don't wait until business hours to make your appointment. Schedule your service online in just a few easy steps on your own time!

Schedule Subaru Service Online

Our online service scheduling tool is an easy-to-use page that gives you the ability to set up your next service appointment on your time. Simply tell us about your vehicle, let us know what services you would like performed or describe the problem you're experiencing, and choose from our open dates and times to set up your appointment! If needed, you can also arrange for alternate transportation such as loaner vehicles or our convenient shuttle service so you can get back to living your daily life while we take care of your vehicle.

Schedule Subaru Recall Services

If you've recently received notice that your Subaru has an open recall, you can schedule that service online as well! Whether you have an airbag recall that needs to be taken care of or your Subaru falls under the valve spring recall, you can use our online tool to set up your appointment and have it taken care of. These free services come with the same perks as normal service, so feel free to take advantage of our shuttle and loaner car services if needed as well!

Popular Subaru Services

Keep your Subaru engine running smoothly and help extend it's life by scheduling your next oil change today! We'll replace the oil and filter and perform an free multi-point inspection to ensure the safe performance of your vehicle!

Notice a vibration in your wheel? Our specialized tools and factory-certified technicians can check your alignment and give you the smooth ride you deserve!

Whether you're looking for winter tires to help deal with the snowy Nashua winter, or gearing up for warmer travel months, our selection of tires and changeover service will give you the right tire for the season.