Subaru Winter Care

When it gets cold outside, your Subaru feels it as well. Cold winter weather can negatively affect your tires. Tires need to be malleable enough to properly grip the road, but rubber hardens up in the winter. Tires that give a perfect performance in the summer often give sub-par traction when it gets cold out. Summer tire treads are shaped to properly grip bare roads, and to easily evacuate water from under the treads. This makes them perfect for warm weather driving, but it also means they struggle with snow and ice.

Winter tires are designed specifically for winter driving. They are made from a special rubber compound that is soft at room temperature, but hardens up in the cold to give the perfect grip. Winter tires also have special tread patterns to take on winter driving conditions, such as snow and ice. While winter tires excel at winter driving, there's a reason nobody uses them year-round. Their soft composition means they wear down quickly when it warms up, and winter tire patterns aren't of much use when it's July and there hasn't been snow for months. All-season tires are a jack-of-all-trades; they're better than summer tires in the winter, and better than winter tires in the summer. However, it does mean that all-season tires are always second-best. Take a look in our tire center to find a wide selection of all kinds of tires.

Cold weather can affect your battery as well. Cold temperatures can decrease the capacity of car batteries. The cold also causes an increased draw from starter motors, and even an increased draw from accessories. It's important to make sure that your battery is ready for winter, after all, being stuck on the side of the road while you wait for a jump is bad enough, but it's even worse when it's freezing outside.

If you have any questions about winter care, or if you need help getting your Subaru ready, the experts in our Subaru service center have your back. If you're in Lowell, Chelmsford, Londonderry, Nashua, or anywhere else, stop on by here in Hudson, NH. We can't wait to help you out.


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